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The Löwchen Club of America was founded in 1971 by Charles and Jane Cook and Robert and Carol Yhlen. Originally named the Little Lion Dog Club of America, the club’s initial mission was to create and maintain a breed registry for the Löwchen in the United States.


The Club began to accept new members in 1973 and first collected dues in 1975. In the early 1980’s the club newsletter, Headlions, was published. Headlions is today a quarterly publication of the Löwchen Club of America.

June of 1984 saw a point system set up and implemented, to encourage Löwchen owners to exhibit their dogs in both conformation and obedience for championship titles. By 1985 club membership had grown to 35.


The club began holding Regional Specialties in 1984 and National Specialties in 1985. In 1990, the club wrote its constitution according to American Kennel Club guidelines. In 1991 the club name was officially changed to Löwchen Club of America and work was begun toward recognition by the American Kennel Club.


On April 1, 1996 the Löwchen was accepted for registration and into the Miscellaneous Class. This was the first step to full recognition by the American Kennel Club. On January 1, 1999 the Löwchen was accepted into full recognition with the American Kennel Club along with the Havanese and the Anatolian Shepherd.


Please email to contact the board.

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