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Löwchen Club of America Regional Specialty

Mid-Atlantic Non-Sporting Club of Virginia

Timonium, Marland

April 19,2024


2 shows/1 day


Judges Show#1

LCA Supported Entry - Mr Ken Roux

Non-sporting Group - Mr Ken Roux

NOHS Non-sporting Group - Mr Greg Kantak

Judges Show #2

LCA Regional Specialty - Mr Greg Kantak

LCA Sweepstakes - Puppy & Veteran - Ms Sharol Candace Way

Non-sporting Group - Ms Denise Flaim

NOHS Non-sporting Group - Mr David Fritspatrick

Non-sporting Sweepstakes Group - Ms Sharol Candace Way


Come for the Lowchen Regional Specialty and stay for the Cherry Blossom Cluster  April 20&21


NOHS and 4-6months Beginner Pup (Both Days)


Saturday Breed Judge: Ms Alice J Bixler (Lifetime Member of LCA)

Ms Bixler will also be judging the NOHS Non-sporting and 4-6 Month Beginner Pup.


Sunday Breed Judge: Mrs. Polly D. Smith

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