Breeder Referral


The Breeders Directory & Information Source is provided by the Löwchen Club of America (LCA) as a service for breeders who are members in good standing and to prospective Löwchen owners. The listings subscribed to by these members do not represent or imply any guarantee, warranty or other such assertion by LCA.

North East

Sylvan Myst Löwchen – Kat Roll & Rhonda Croxton
Coatesville, PA (610)733-6077 or (610)733-2875
Kat Roll
Rhonda Croxton

Bihar Kennels – Peggy Cropsey and Greg Strong
Albion, NY, (585)329-3263
Peggy Cropsey

Dungloe Kennel – Danielle Tallman
Jamesville, NY 315.277.1158
Danielle Tallman

Kismet Kennel – Nadine Pelleschi
Montoursville, PA 570.326.2924
Nadine Pelleschi

Marday Kennel – Dayle Lewis
Caledonia, NY 585.538.9391
Dayle Lewis

South East

Musicbox Kennel – Donna Jones
Oxford, GA 770.784.9840
Donna Jones


Sweetmeadows Kennel – Kathy Bumiller
Manito, IL 309.968.7719
Kathy Bumiller

Mosaic Kennel– Vicki All
Monticello, IN 574.583.8157
Vicki All


BNVS Löwchen – Wendy Russell
Puyallup, WA 253.904.8422
Wendy Russell

Mountain Region

Eric “Doc” Iverson
Orem, UT 408.981.9677
Eric “Doc” Iverson

Potrero Lowchen – Alexia Rodriguez
Sonoma County, CA
Alexia Rodriguez